TV Meme: Day 22 - Favorite Series Finale.

Going into Day 22, I honestly had no idea what I was going to choose. A few others have said it already, but I'll reiterate. What makes choosing a favorite series finale so difficult is that series finales usually suck. They don't live up to expectations, the content of the show has drastically declined by that point, or a plethora of other reasons that I'm sure you can figure out on your own. I've done Google searches to see what other people have said were their favorite series finales, and the majority of them are for shows I never watched (Newhart, Six Feet Under, etc.).

There are so many shows I have watched that have had disappointing (to some degree) series finales. Battlestar Galactica, while wrapping up pretty much everything, still left me feeling unsatisfied with the answers I was given. LOST, while giving me almost no answers, was simultaneously decent and disappointing. To be honest, those are really the only two (besides the better two I'm about to say) that I can recall even seeing. Most of the shows I've watched seem to get canceled before even getting a proper series finale. The one I was gonna go with for a while was that to Boy Meets World, but that didn't sit too well with me as a choice. Why? Because, essentially, it was just a montage episode. You know, one of those episodes that just has the characters recalling events from all the past seasons for the nostalgia factor. Of course, there were some great moments in this finale, specifically the classroom scene at the very end with Feeny telling them all (after they leave) that he loves them all. It's a tear-jerker scene.

But for all-around quality, I think I'm gonna go, yet again, with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There was a battle of epic proportions. Every character got a shining moment (some more literally than others). There was good comedy. There was a major character death. There was a great "relationship" moment. There was a bit of final redemption. And there was a closer that was reminiscent of the opener, book-ending the whole thing nicely. I can't say I've seen a finale any more satisfying than this one.


  1. It really is amazing how this show just holds up over the years. Like any show with a fairly long shelf life there are a few clunker episodes, but I think overall I can't think of a series that has the same high quality. This is even more amazing considering the source material which was hardly shakespeare. Good Call!

    Lazarus Lupin
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  2. "Every character got a shining moment (some more literally than others)."

    LOL. It took me a minute to recall the finale, but when I did I laughed out loud at this comment.


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