TV Meme: Day 14 - Favorite Male Character.

Welcome to Day 14 where I will discuss my favorite male character(s). I'm gonna do something a little different here, because, well, this is a day I've been dreading. There are just way too many to choose from! And it's not just like favorite show or whatever where you can narrow rewatchability down or whatever. There are just way too many male characters that I love equally and for different reasons. So what I'm doing is probably considered cheating. I'm going to make a Top 5 list of my favorite male TV show characters. And yes... because I will be discussing my number 1 in some amount of detail, so I'll technically be talking about my favorite male character... and then some (maybe you can see the rest as extra credit?). Anywho, here is my list.

Top 5 Favorite Male TV Characters

5. Eric Matthews

Show: Boy Meets World
About: Cory's older brother. Total goofball with heart.
Thoughts: What can I say about Eric that I haven't already? Yes, he was almost purely comedic relief, but there were moments that focused on him specifically that were great. These moments were even better if they were more dramatic and you got to see another side of Eric. He was one of my favorite TV characters for many years. He made me laugh; he made me care; he made me with I had a Mr. Feeny of my own. Here is a compilation of funny Boy Meets World moments. Not all of them are Eric, but the majority of them are:

4. Cappie

Show: Greek
About: Rusty's "Big Bro" at Kappa Tau. Partier. Lazy, but smart.
Thoughts: I said in a past post that Cappie is similar to Eric, and that I consider Cappie to be one of the best written characters on television. So why isn't he higher on the list? Well, I did say "one of" the best. Cappie is like an evolved version of Eric. He's not as much of a goofball, nor is he as over-the-top silly. Cappie is equal parts comic and serious, and his comedy is more sophisticated, as it were. He's always around for advice, and sometimes he works in mysterious ways. I guess he could be Eric and Feeny's love child. But he does have great character growth, particularly in his relationships to the other characters. Here are a couple good clips of Cappie (which were insanely hard to come across... not these specific clips, but any clips at all). Click here and here.

3. Lafayette Reynolds

Show: True Blood
About: Cook. Gay. Not afraid to step up or give attitude when needed.
Thoughts: I find I love Lafayette more and more every week. He acts similarly to Hugo/Hurley from LOST in the respect that he kind of says what the audience is thinking. But he's also more than just that. He cares for his family and friends and will always be there for them, whether physically or verbally. He's also hilarious. Here's a great scene from Season 1 where some rednecks stereotype him for being gay:

2. Spike

Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
About: Vampire. British. Snarky.
Thoughts: The reason I love Spike so much, beyond his general snarky and sadistic attitude, is his character growth over the show. I think out of all the characters over the entire course of the series (Buffy included), Spike has the biggest growth. He starts off as just another one-off evil character. But he was so popular they extended his role and then brought him back. And by the end of the series... well, if you haven't finished it yet (Rachel), I won't spoil it for you. Again, here's a video... it was almost impossible to find anything on Spike that wasn't a fan-made music video. Even his "best of" moments were just clips with music and no dialogue. This is the best I could find, and half of it isn't even Spike:

1. Dexter Morgan

Show: Dexter
About: Serial killer who kills serial killers.
Thoughts: Kind of an obvious choice, really, which is partially why I wanted to make the list. I didn't want to come off as just yet another guy who chose Dexter as his favorite male character. Dexter is a fascinating character in all regards. The way he has to handle his family and friends along with his... um... hobby. And his voice overs work to great effect. Even if he weren't just a great character to watch, he'd be a fascinating one. Finally, here's a clip of some of the best moments between Dexter and Doakes.


  1. Good choices! I particularly like Spike and Dexter as choices. I almost want to redo my own choice, but Eric Taylor could go up against 'em just fine. You should do a march madness for best male character like the best roommate contest on the LAMB.

  2. Good idea! I might just do that...

  3. Fantastic list! I could easily replace Eric with someone else, but I did enjoy him 10 years ago.

    I love Cappie, to an obscene amount. I am waiting impatiently for the end of the show so I can buy the box set and watch Cappie over and over again.

    Thanks for not spoiling Spike for me. I know he and Buffy get together, but no real particulars. I didn't care for him much in Season 2 and wondered where all the extreme love from fans was coming from. I blame Dru though. Her annoying personality (or lack thereof) overshadowed anything awesome.


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