TV Meme: Day 10 - A Show I Thought I'd Hate But Ended Up Loving.

For this Day 10, a show I thought I'd hate but ended up loving, it took me a while to figure something out. Like most people, I don't go out of my way to watch a show I think I'm gonna hate--or even moderately dislike. So what I really had to come up with was a show that I saw the first episode of and was, at the least, incredibly underwhelmed. And I came up with two.

Now, it was hard to choose between these two, because neither of them really fit the full criteria. For instance, with the first one, I watched the first episode and thought it was incredibly stupid, and I didn't want to watch it again. Then I watched it again and thought it was great. The reason it doesn't work for this choice? I don't love the show. I haven't kept up with it, and I didn't go out of my way to watch every new episode when I did watch it. I've seen most of the first couple seasons, I think, but that's about it. And the show? The American version of The Office.

So I'm going with my second choice, which is pretty much the opposite, emotion-wise. When I watched the premier episode, I didn't hate it, but I was incredibly underwhelmed. I wasn't impressed at all, and I thought the show was going to be really boring. That is... until about the last 5-10 minutes of that premier episode, when there's a major twist that made the rest of the episode worth it. And from that point on, I loved this show. And the show? The newest version of Battlestar Galactica.

Sure, the show had a few missteps (and I know I'm way long-past due on my reviews for every season after the first), but it was just so damn entertaining. The characters were deep, involved, layered, and human (sometimes). The stories were engaging. The action was fun. And there were so many great mysteries, including the major "Who's a Cylon?!" mystery that spanned the entire show.

I'm not gonna ramble on about the show like I have with others. I'm pretty much just gonna leave it with that. I wasn't sure I was going to like the show when I started watching it, and it turned out that I really loved it.

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  1. The first season of The Office (only 6 episodes) only has two real gems, with Healthcare and Diversity Day. After that I'd say skip to Seasons 2, 3 & 4. Watch 5 & 6 at your own risk, but that's when it really starts slipping.


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