TV Meme: Day 5 - A Show I Hate.

Welcome to Day 5. Today, obviously, I'll be discussing a show I hate. This was another tough one, considering I don't tend to watch shows I hate or think I'll dislike. And even still, I can't say I hate this show as much as I just think it's silly. And unlike the other posts so far, this one probably won't be too long.

The show I most dislike, to put it in better terms, is Dancing With The Stars. And why do I dislike it? Mostly because of So You Think You Can Dance. Let me explain. I love So You Think You Can Dance. The judges are good (well, except maybe Mary Murphy, who tends to be annoying), and the dancing is fantastic, unique, and entertaining. Dancing With The Stars? It's just so... boring. The judges are idiotic, and the dancing is purely ballroom. Not to mention they're restricted by ridiculous rules (like on lifts) that take all the excitement out of ballroom. So You Think You Can Dance? Zero restrictions, and the lifts can be the most spectacular part of the dance (as they should be). Not to mention they have every other variation of dance you can imagine.

And on top of that, you have to deal with "stars" (AKA people trying to keep their faces in the spotlight because their careers have become nearly nonexistent). It's not entertaining, the dancing is restricted (in more ways than one), and the judges are unbearable. If you want a highly entertaining dance show, watch So You Think You Can Dance.

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