Short Review: Zerophilia.

Premise: A boy discovers he has a rare condition known as Zerophilia, where he can change gender whenever he has an orgasm.

Starring: Taylor Handley, Dustin Seavey, Allison Folland, Kyle Schmid, Rebecca Mozo, and Gina Bellman.

My Reaction: A very unique idea, to say the least. The acting is decent, though the male version of the main character can get a bit annoying sometimes. You have no idea how much Rebecca Mozo looks like a mash between Keira Knightley and Winona Ryder, and that is all you will think about while she is on screen. There's a good story with a pretty good twist later on (actually, there are a couple). The characters are believable in their relationships with each other, though there are some pretty over-the-top moments. Overall, a unique and enjoyable film that, again, is pretty much a Rom Com/Sex Com, but it doesn't feel like one (despite sex being pretty much the centerpiece of the plot).

I Am McLovin!

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  1. How on earth do you come across such weird films?

    Not like I'm complainin', I'm totally going to look for this one now.


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