TV Meme: Day 12 - An Episode I've Watched More Than 5 Times.

Today, Day 12--an episode I've watched more than times--was one of the harder ones to figure out. Why? Because I almost never watch episodes more than a couple times at most. And if I do, they're usually sitcoms or something like that, which I don't watch on a regular basis and thus have a hell of a time remember which episodes of what shows I've watched more than 5 times.

Do I know if I've actually watched any episodes of any show more than 5 times? Not at all. So with today's post, I'm just gonna take a wild guess. What I'm going with today is a show where I've seen the same episodes multiple times, and I know this for a fact. And the episode in particular is one of my favorites (if not my favorite), and I know I've seen it quite a few times, because I'll stop and watch it if I catch it on. So what's the show? Family Guy. And the episode? It's the thirteenth episode from Season 2, "Road to Rhode Island."

In this episode, Stewie had gone to his grandparents' house in California, and Brian volunteers to bring him back home. However, they miss their plane and have to travel cross-country by various means on their own. Meanwhile, Peter becomes addicted to marriage counseling video tapes that are presented like porn.

This episode has some incredibly memorable moments. Here are a few:

-After a few mishaps, they begin hitchhiking. They end up in the back of a truck with what appears to be illegal Mexican immigrants, where Brian has the following conversation with one of them (paraphrased):

Brian: "Me llamo es Brian."
Man: "You don't need the 'es'. Just, me llamo Brian."
Brian: "Oh, oh! You speak English. That's great."
Man: "Que?"

-Brian and Stewie end up in Austin, Texas (which looks nothing like Austin, Texas), where Brian was born. While there, they discover--to Brian's mortification--that his mother has been stuffed. The burial scene is hilarious as Stewie does a eulogy retelling the story of Abraham almost killing his son Isaac.

-All the Peter/Lois stuff with the video. One of the best parts is when Lois figures out what's going on and records over the video as herself stripping... and then when she appears in the room and begins to seduce Peter, he continues trying to watch the video of her, despite her being right there.

-And, of course, the "Road to Rhode Island" song, which just tops off an already great episode. Here's a video of it (it's not the video footage, but the song put to pictures... still, it's the song):

There are a few more great moments, but then I'd practically be telling you the entire episode. So I'll leave it at that. And that's an episode I've watched more than 5 times (I think).

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