TV Meme: Day 11 - A Show That Disappointed Me.

It's Day 11. Man, I'm just flying through this thing, huh? Well, it's time for a show that disappointed me. After a bit of thinking, I could only come up with one real answer.

Leverage. Now it's not a bad show by any means. It's still pretty entertaining. But here's what happened. I watched the first 3 episodes via Netflix and was blown away. The show was outstanding. It was like every episode was a heist and/or perfect crime scenario. It was exactly my kinda thing. I was loving it so much that I didn't bother to wait for the rest of it on Netflix and, instead, went out and bought the first season on DVD (it was pretty cheap).

And do you know what happened? I continue watching the show, and the quality of excellence just plummets. The majority of the episodes are no longer about heists or perfect crimes. The characters were good, but most of the middle episodes were just... incredibly lacking. Fortunately it picks back up again near the end of the season. I just wished the entire season was like the beginning and ending. Granted, there were maybe 1-2 episodes in the middle portion that were really good, but for the most part they were just... blah. Still, a thoroughly enjoyable show, but it just wasn't up to par with what I was expecting when I got it.

(For further information, I reviewed season one of the show here.)

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