TV Meme: Day 6 - Favorite Episode Of My Favorite Show.

It's Day 6 of the TV Meme, and it's the day I discuss my favorite episode of my favorite show. As I declared the other day that my favorite show is Boy Meets World, I now have the task of finding what my favorite episode, indeed, is. Actually, this was a very easy choice. My mind kept going back to one episode in particular, and it's an episode that also feeds itself to movie fans.

The episode I'm talking about is entitled "And Then There Was Shawn." This episode was a Season 5 episode after Eric had already moved in with Jack. It took place right after one of Cory and Topanga's major break-ups (after Cory has a bit of a fling with another girl named Lauren), and Shawn isn't feeling too good about it. You see, Shawn always looked up to their relationship as everything that was right in the world. And if they can't last, how can he be sure than anything else can? This all leads to this Halloween episode where Shawn has to confront his feelings about the situation. And how does he do that? In a parody of slasher flicks (primarily Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer)! There's even a cameo by Jennifer Love Hewitt (who was dating Will Friedle (Eric) at the time).

Shawn essentially takes over the role that Jamie Kennedy had in Scream as a killer is on the loose while everybody is in detention. There are a lot of hilarious running jokes in the episode, most of which play off of horror movie tropes. There are even a couple random South Park jokes, as well.

This episode is a classic, as it mixes a great brand of humor with heart at its core, considering what was behind the whole scenario. But why continue talking about it? I can just show you. The entire episode is up on YouTube. If you have a spare 20 minutes or so, I recommend checking it out. Here you go:




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